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FWC (Framework Contracts) is an instrument used by the EC for efficient and transparent recruiting of experts for specific projects via simplified procurement procedures. The individual projects under the framework contracts are limited in duration and budget.

Framework contracts are mostly multi-year contracts in which different consortia (groups of companies) become ”preferred suppliers” for TA services to the EC for a specific area of expertise, the so-called ‘Lots’. Each lot has a pre-set list of consortia, which are invited to bid for specific projects launched in this lot. By an indicated deadline each of the invited consortia is expected to submit their final offer (including CVs of the selected experts, signed statements, financial offer and a methodology) for the final evaluation at the EC level, where based on technical and financial scores combination the EC will decide which offer will be selected.

The time given for identifying team of experts and preparing an offer is not exceeding 14 calendar days. Upon receiving a notification of award, the winning consortium has to mobilize its team at a very short notice.


A lot, in the context of EC Framework Contracts, is a thematic area of developmental assistance.

HCM Development People (DEVPEOPLE) is participating in 3 Lots of the European Commission's (EC) Multiple Framework Contract (FWC) Beneficiaries 2013.

To carry out the projects, we are always looking for experts in the above-mentioned sectors. Therefore, you are kindly invited to register your CV and to regularly check our open opportunities for assignments in these fields.

If you need more information please contact us


HCM Development People (DEVPEOPLE) has recently been awarded a contract to provide advisory services to the European Training Foundation (ETF). This framework will enable the rapid mobilisation of advisors for short -term assignments worldwide. HCM Development People (DEVPEOPLE) will be a service supplier in the following categories: