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Education & Employment

ETF "SME Skills Expertise" - Turin (2015-Ongoing)

Goal: To widen the existing scope of the ETF's work on SME skills, from policy formulation to implementation. The project enhanced SME training modules for ETF partner countries' use.

Services Provided

ETF “Ex-Ante Impact Assessment of the Priority Medium-Term Deliverables under the 2015 Riga Conclusions” – Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia & Turkey (2015-Ongoing)

Goal: To support the implementation of an ex-ante impact assessment process in each candidate country for the formulation of various policies that enhance the job market and overall economic growth.

Services Provided

ETF “Availability of Teaching & Learning Processes in VET” – Montenegro (2015)

Goal: To organize and manage a national event, organized by the ETF in cooperation with the VET Centre, BES and the Ministry of Education, for presenting and disseminating research findings on quality assurance mechanisms used in VET schools throughout Montenegro.

Services Provided

ETF “Professional Development of Teachers & Trainers in VET” – SEET Region (2014)

Goal: To professionally develop VET teaching and training in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

Services Provided

ETF “Support to ETF Activities in Georgia” – Georgia (2014-2015)

Goal: To support the Georgian Government in drafting an LMIS strategy for inclusion in the EU-financed Employment and VET Program’s policy conditions and to support the capacity of key stakeholders (MHLSA, MES and SSA) in carrying out pilot LM analyses.

Services Provided

ETF “Recruitment of Local Expertise to Ensure Completion of Pilot Action Questionnaires” – Jordan (2014)

Goal: To establish a regional cooperation process that develops common tools to support reforms of national qualification systems and achieve transparency and recognition between the countries.

Services Provided

ETF “Projecting Reform Impact in VET (PRIME)” – Jordan (2014)

Goal: To support partner countries in assessing the possible advantages and disadvantages of alternatives for policy action towards a strategic objective.

Services Provided

ETF “Provision of Local Expertise for the Collection & Analysis of Country Information about Employment Policies” – Israel (2014)

Goal: To provide good quality analysis of existing employment policies implemented in Israel, focusing mainly on youth employment, skills development and ALMP policies.

Services Provided

Governance & Home Affairs

EU “Final Evaluation of the Support Programme to Parliaments (PAP)” – DRC (2015-2016)

Goal: To promote democracy through parliamentary reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The specific objective was to provide the EU and Government of the DRC with an analysis of the PAP’s relevance, performance and impact.

Services Provided

EU “Support to Public Sector Reform for the Delivery of Speedy Services to Citizens” – Jordan (2015-2016)

Goal: To identify and execute five feasibility studies for the formulation of a citizens’ service delivery reengineering report. The project also contributed to the overall objective of the “Reinforcing the Rule of Law for Enhanced Accountability and Equity in Public Service Delivery” Single Support Framework (SSF) (2014-2017).

Services Provided

EU “Final Evaluation of the Regional Political Integration & Human Security Support Programme” – Djibouti, Tanzania & Zambia (2015)

Goal: To provide decision makers of IGAD, EAC, COMESA and the European Union with information sufficient enough to 1) make an overall assessment about the project’s past performance, paying particular attention to impact of actions against their objectives and activities that made a difference for beneficiaries, and 2) identify key lessons and propose practical recommendations for use in the framework of future similar actions in the ESA region.

Services Provided

EU “Mid-Term Review of Support to Non-State Actors Program” – Mozambique (2015)

Goal: To carry out a mid-term evaluation that will provide decision makers of the Government of Mozambique, relevant external cooperation services of the European Commission and general public with sufficient information to make an overall independent assessment of the performance of the program, paying particular attention to the results already achieved or expected to be achieved and potential impact of the project against its objectives.

Services Provided


EU “Mid-Term Evaluation of the Primary Health Care Sector’s Policy Support Programme (PrimCare SPSP)” – South Africa (2015-Ongoing)

Goal: To provide decision makers in the South African Government and EU with information sufficient enough to make informed judgements about the programme’s performance, addressing strengths, weaknesses and sustainability. The specific objective was to evaluate the progress of direct budget support against the project’s overall objectives, outcomes and M&E indicators.

Services Provided

EU “Technical Assistance to Ensure the Visibility & Communication of Activities of the Reduction of Social Inequalities & Health Care Services for Disadvantaged Regions Programme” – Tunisia (2015-Ongoing)

Goal: To develop a communication and outreach strategy for the PAZD II Programme, specifically targeting beneficiaries and other relevant audiences. The specific objective was to support and strengthen the capacity of Tunisia’s Ministry of Health for communicational and relevant institutional matters.

Services Provided

EU “Mid-Term Evaluation of the Support to Enhance Maternal & Newborn Health Outcomes for the States of Northern Nigeria Programme” – Nigeria (2015-2016)

Goal: To assess the overall relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of supporting the states of Adamawa and Kebbi (and relevant stakeholders) in improving maternal, newborn and child health.

Services Provided

EU “Identification & Formulation of the European Union Support Program to the Health Sector” – Niger (2014-2015)

Goal: To support the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and European Union Delegation in Niger in identifying and formulating projects under the 11th EDF National Indicative Program (NIP) for healthcare and nutrition.

Services Provided

Trade & Private Sector Development

EU “Identification & Formulation of a Program for EU Support to Private Sector Development” – Paraguay (2015)

Goal: To design an EU support program for the agricultural sector in Paraguay within the framework of the Bilateral Cooperation Strategy (PIP) 2014-2020. The specific objective was to formulate an intervention that 1) ensures the adequate and sustainable participation of institutional and private sector actors throughout the process, and 2) takes the productive and commercial context of Paraguay, as well as the existing AIESRP Project in the country into account (including approaches and lessons learnt).

Services Provided

EU “Market Study for the EU Business Group of the United Republic of Tanzania” – Tanzania (2015)

Goal: To support an enabling business environment in Tanzania and expands its private sector in order to encourage investment from European companies.

Services Provided